What is the "Digital Bank" system?

This is a set of digital solutions for a bank that allows customers to receive banking services online. Clients can access account balances, transactions, perform payment transactions and get access to other banking services at any time of the day without contacting the bank that serves them through the Digital Bank system.

The main functions of the "Digital Bank" system.

Bring traditional banking services in line with high modern standards, serve clients on favorable terms, and contribute to the development of the digital economy of our country.

Services offered
by Digital Bank to clients:

+ The ability for legal entities to view transactions on their account at any time using the system

+ Viewing banking transactions using the system for legal entities;

+ Applying for opening a new bank account using the system of legal entities;

+ Payment from a bank account using the system without contacting the bank;

+ Applying for a loan using the system without visiting the bank and viewing the status of this application;

+ The ability to view the status of loans using the system and receive information about them, as well as see the loan repayment schedule for legal entities;

+ Sending a payroll using the system without contacting the bank;

+ Submitting an application for the purchase and sale of foreign currency using the system, without contacting the bank, and see the status of this application;

+ Viewing the status of bank deposits and balances on deposit accounts using the system;

+ Pre-registration for the queue, for visiting the bank with which you can specify the purpose and time of the visit.

+ Correspondence between legal entities and bank employees in the system;

+ Online chat for digital banking;

+ Submitting an application for opening an account and viewing the status of this application.

Information Security

Ensuring a high level of information security through the use of two-factor authentication and the use of certified secure communication channels (SSL) when making payments and entering the digital bank's service network.

Types of software packages of the "Digital Bank":